Get To Know Me! (50 Facts About Me)

Can you believe that there’s only a week left of November?! I’ve got so many awesome Christmas themed posts lined up that I just can NOT wait to share with you! Plus I have a special Etsy giveaway in the works so be sure to keep an eye out for that! For today’s post, I thought that I would list 50 random facts about myself – just to introduce myself a bit and for you to get to know me a bit better! Be sure to drop a comment below – come say hi and tell me some random facts about yourself! I’d love to hear from you!

1 . My name is Kimberley

2 . I’m in a band (We’re called Connexion and you can check us out on facebook HERE )

3 . I’m currently only a few days away from completing a qualification in Make Up Artistry

4 . My all time favourite band is Green Day

5 . I’ve dyed my hair every single colour except for yellow and green

6 . I’m a Gryffindor (at least according to pottermore)

7 . I have 2 cats: River (as in Phoenix) and Leo (as in Dicaprio)

8 . I also have a dog called Dunstan

9 . I’m obsessed with Stranger Things

10 . I’m a coffee addict (Black coffee is my go-to)

11. I LOVE the 90s! The music, sitcoms, fashion – everything

12 . I’ve been eating Vegan for almost 2 years (and was Vegetarian for 12 years before that!)

13 . My favourite cities (that I’ve been to) are London, Paris & Verona

14 . I can play the Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele (as well as some Cello from my childhood)

15. I watch at least 3 episodes of Law and Order: SVU a night – purely out of habit!

16 . In fact, SVU and Cold Case are my go-to shows to watch when I can’t sleep

17 . I have a VERY long travel bucket list (which I’ll probably share on here soon), but my dream city to visit is San Francisco!

18 . My “guilty pleasure” (ah I hate that term) is Eastenders

19 . My favourite places to shop for everything are charity shops – finding the music, films, and clothes that I’ve been looking for is so fun!

20 . I’m obsessed with Baz Luhrmann’s films. Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, and The Great Gatsby are my favourites!

21 . I do maths equations for fun/when I’m bored (I know I know)

22 . One of my goals is to learn French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch throughout my life (Probably not going to happen but POSITIVE THINKING)

23 . I own a guitar signed by Billie Joe Armstrong – it’s literally my favourite thing in the  world

24 . I have a bit of a Vinyl buying obsession

25 . My favourite colour to paint my nails is black

26 . I got 4 Blue Peter badges when I was a kid – the ultimate British kid achievement

27 . I love musical theatre (so much, in fact, that I almost moved to NYC to study it!)

28 . I stress-bake (usually cookies. usually while listening to Taylor Swift.)

29 . My favourite pastime is going to concerts and music festivals

30 . My 3 favourite songs of all time are 1) Imagine – John Lennon, 2) Champagne Supernova – Oasis  3) Heroes – David Bowie

31 . I have an encyclopedic knowledge of The Simpsons (my favourite TV show as a kid)

32. I’d love to write a book one day

33. I love watching Tattoo reality shows and if I was a better artist I would totally want to be a Tattoo Artist (They’re all just so ridiculously talented!)

34 . I love kale (Yes. Honestly. I know.)

35 . This blog’s title (supernovablonde) comes from a few different things: ‘Supernova’ is a refence to 2 songs: ‘Champagne Supernova’ by Oasis and ‘Youngblood’ by Green Day. The ‘blonde’ part comes from A) I’m blonde (duh) B) It will make me keep my hair one colour for more than a week (hopefully)!

36 . I performed in over 27 shows (musicals, plays, etc) between the ages of 7 – 17

37 . My favourite short film is called ‘Le Ballon Rouge’ (‘The Red Balloon’) – a childhood favourite that always reminds me of staying with my grandparents as a kid

38 . My favourite number is 17. I have literally no clue why.

39 . I’m struggling to think of 50 facts about myself

40 . If I wasn’t heading in the career direction(s) I am now, I would want to study to be an  Astrophysicist

41 . I absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn

42 . When I was younger my favourite hobby was raising money for charity

43 . My favourite holiday is Christmas

44 . I love reading biographies

45 . I live in the South of England

46 . My favourite decades for fashion are the 60s and the 90s

47 . I love watching ballet and I’m completely in awe of ballet dancers

48 . My favourite artist is Van Gogh

49 . My childhood favourite superhero was Spider-Man (and still is)

50 . My favourite part of being a musician is songwriting

Now that you’ve got to know me a bit better, I want to hear from you guys! Like I said at the start of this post: comment below, tell me a bit about YOU, and come say hi!

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